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STREAM Research & Development is a custom software and product development firm based in Bend, Oregon. Above and beyond creating enterprise-grade products and software solutions, we seek out unique and difficult problem sets and assemble talent to solve challenges previously thought intractable.

With decades of experience and projects spanning industries which include scientific instrumentation, agriculture, telecommunication, medical devices, semiconductor defect metrology, hydrocarbon production and distribution, timber, sports and entertainment, and education, we a have considerable knowledge base that we draw upon to serve you.

The enterprise systems we invest in and the technologies we adopt are serious matters. Effects persist for decades and can make or break organizations. In the current hype-dominated era where frameworks, technologies, tooling, and talent time-out at breakneck speed, it's important to have industry veterans on your side to keep focus, navigate the shifting terrain, and cut through the paralyzing jargon.

From the heartland, to Silicon Valley, and overseas, we provide services to help your organization realize its long-term objectives and full innovative potential.

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Our Services

System Design
We quickly comprehend new domains, extract core concepts, analyze processes, improve workflows, and engineer system interactions to be pleasurable to work with on a day-to-day basis. Whether you have a well-crafted RFP ready to go or you require in-depth analysis and tailored support to achieve liftoff, we cater to your needs.
Dashboard Development
Bring critical data into focus with fingertip control via custom dashboard consoles. Aggregate streams, actuate hardware, report metrics, and identify trends. Present actionable content without information overload on mobile and desktop form factors.
UX and Visualizations
As important as the raw numbers are, the truth is that workflows, intuitive interactions, data context, and logical organization are all pivotal to effective communication and system control. We manage information density with clean, fresh, and modern visualizations and we revisit and refine human interactions to bring elegance and simplicity to the finished product.
Next-Level Mobile
Grow beyond responsive design. We empower your end-users and employees with next-level data acquisition and rich interactions with WebRTC, GPS, video, photo, and custom peripheral data streams.
System Integration
Extend your current enterprise investments with realtime data feeds, sensor arrays, and industrial datasets. Integrate and streamline legacy code bases with open source solutions and cloud service providers.
Engineering Services
Utilize our broad-spectrum network of engineering talent:  Industrial Designers, System Architects, as well as Mechanical, Electrical, and QA Engineers.  Quickly realize your product via our on-site CNC and SLA 3D printing capabilities.